The Publishing Council

The Publishing Council consists of 9 members with the right to vote. The Pro-Rector for teaching or the Pro-Rector for Scientific Research is a member of the Publishing Council ex officio and has the right to vote. The Council decides by majority of votes. In case the number of votes is equal, the vote of the chairman is decisive. The members of the Publishing Council are proposed by the rector, while the Senate of the College elects them, according to the relevant fields of science. The term of office of the members of the Publishing Council is four years. The Chairman of the Publishing Council is elected by its members.
The Publishing Council, among others, reviews and allows the publication of publications based on the written consent of the council of the academic unit, and of at least two reviewers in the relevant field and the editor.
The Publishing Council decides on the ideological selection of the front page and on the editing of the text. The elected members of the Publishing Council also serve as editors of the scientific and professional publications in which they are specialized. The reviewers and the editor are responsible for the quality of the manuscripts, for the professional and scientific level of the manuscripts. Based on the positive evaluation of the reviewers and the analysis of the manuscript, the editor gives a written opinion to the Publishing Council for allowing the publication of the manuscript. The editor is obliged to complete his editing work for a manuscript within 30 days from the day he receives the completed manuscript. The author is responsible for the quality and authenticity of the work/thesis. The Publishing Council provides ideas, opinions and views on policy and the advancement of the College’s publications. The Governing Council and the Senate support the Publishing Council for the realization of the College’s publications. The Publishing Council is responsible and reports for its work to the Senate.