The activities of the College in the field of basic and applied research are directed by the Vice-Rector for Research, who is responsible for research activities, including issues related to research in postgraduate studies, as well as for the organization and development of research promotion.
The Institute for Research and Science (IRS) operates within the College.
The Institute for Research and Science (IRS) is an internal institution of the College with rights, duties and responsibilities defined by LAW No. 04/L-135 FOR RESEARCH-SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES of the Republic of Kosovo and the Statute of the Institute.
The Institute for Research and Science deals with the following activities:
• constantly takes care of raising the new research-scientific generation; the involvement of students and postgraduate students in the research-scientific work carried out at the College;
• promotes research-scientific activity with the aim of integration into the international scientific space, the rooting of the principles of the scientific method and the development of new knowledge among the younger generations of society in general;
• develops activities for the intensification of cooperation in the field of research-scientific activity with other local and foreign institutions, in terms of the development of joint research programs, conducting studies and research of a theoretical and practical character from various fields of special interest;
• motivates and supports all its academic staff for systematic creative work, with the aim of research and development of new knowledge, as well as the use and implementation of these results in practice;
• plans the necessary infrastructure for genuine research-scientific activity and undertakes activities for the development of research laboratories;

  • takes care of the proper equipment and functioning of the scientific library;
    • operationalization of the scientific information service;
  • supports scientific publishing activity;
  • deals with monitoring the mentoring activity of the academic staff for master’s degree theses and doctoral dissertations;
    • deals with the evaluation of research-scientific project proposals according to the general criteria for project acceptance;
    • draws up the plan of research-scientific activities for each calendar year and analyzes their realization;
    • evaluates the professional-scientific competences of project implementers and other scientific workers involved in projects;
    • evaluates the fulfillment and respect of the ethical norms of the proposed scientific projects;
    • initiates procedures for the approval of research by the Chambers of health professionals, in the field of medical sciences; • deals with activities for the realization of professional meetings, symposia, conferences, congresses, etc., as independent organizations;
    • organizes the ongoing work of the Scientific Information Service (SIS). SIS, in a systematic way, during the entire calendar year, informs the academic staff with the agenda of meetings, conferences and congresses, national and international in the relevant fields, in order to advance the activity in the field of publications as well as adequate research-scientific information .

In the strategic plan of the College for the period 2022-2024, the activities for the field of research and innovation are planned in the first point, which are in accordance with the nature and mission of the College and the needs of the economic development of the region. Research is one of the three pillars on which the College’s mission rests. The college has a well-known reputation in the field of scientific medical research.