The College Administration is responsible for professional, administrative and technical issues related to:

  • Legal aspects,
  • Development Plan of the College
  • Education and scientific research
  • Staff administration;
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Administration of student services
  • Property documentation and maintenance;
  • Information system management;
  • Central database;
  • College Library;
  • Other general aspects of the College administration

College administration is managed by the Secretary of the College and the Senior Officer for Administration Management.

Administration Organogram:

Secretary of the College has the following duties and responsibilities:

1.1. is the most senior officer of the administration;

1.2. is responsible for effective leadership of the College;

1.3. is responsible for the development and maintenance of management information systems and for the preparation and organization of management data;

1.4. is responsible for the technical preparation of the budget process;

1.5. keeps records for the candidates presented during admission competitions, enrolled students, graduates, contract personnel, property documentation, etc.

1.6. gives opinions and prepares other acts of the College;

1.7. is responsible for other matters requested by the Governing Council and the Rector, which are not defined by this Statute.

The Secretary responds to the Rector for effective management of the College. The Secretary is responsible for all issues that are not under the competence of the bodies or other leaders.