The tutors

Tutoring System

The Student, Career and Alumni Support Office of the College assigns a teaching tutor (teaching tutor) to each student, who has the duty to:

· orient,
· advise,
· protect the interests of the student and his
· track student performance and progress.

Tutoring sessions are organized as collective meetings (group meetings) or individual meetings. The duration of meetings with the tutor is according to the needs of the student. Meetings are held only in the academic premises of the College.
Initial tutoring sessions are scheduled.
The meeting schedule must be respected by both parties.
Both parties are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of conversations during individual tutoring sessions.
Disclosure of the confidentiality of information is done only during their submission to College instances, but only after obtaining consent during tutoring.
If, for various reasons, a healthy relationship cannot be established in the personal student-tutor relationship, both the student and the tutor can submit a written request to initiate the change procedure. The reasons for initiating this procedure must be justified in the special form for this purpose.

The form is obtained from the College’s Office of Student, Career and Alumni Support, or by downloading the electronic version of the application.