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History of college

College “Rezonanca” was established on May 12, 2003, by Dr. sc. Ramadan Idrizaj, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education Kosovo nr.2003/14, initially as University of Medical Sciences “Rezonanca” with five faculties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Radiology and Physiotherapy.

Within the College operates General Hospital “Rezonanca”, headquartered in Pristina, st. Mbreti Zog, no. 1.

On 30.12.2008 we have joint with College “ILIRIA” as its academic units.

On 07/13/2015 is accredited as College of Medical Sciences “Rezonanca” for the period of three years (1 October 2015-30 September 2018).

From 18.01.2016 we have reached an agreement with Alma Mater Europaea to be included in this network of academic institutions, as its new campus.


The “Resonance” in 2004 opened the University of Medical Sciences, as the First University of Medical Sciences in the former Yugoslavia. The institution was founded on 19.10.2004

Medical High School

The “Resonance” SHMM started the first steps in 2016 with only one class in the general nursing direction with 20 students. Today this school has 600 students with different profiles.


Resonance Therapeutic Diagnostic Center has many years of experience in the field of medicine, making it the leader in the region in hospital services.

Alma Mater Europaea (AMEU) - is an institution initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. AMEU was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Salzburg. The founders of AMEU are: (Munich, 2010)

  • Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber
  • Dr. Peter Graf
  • Dr. Felix Unger
  • Dr. Werner Weidenfeld

The aim of AMEU is to educate a new generation of academics in a variety of scientific fields. This Institution presents good opportunities for studies of the new generations across borders, in the spirit of tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect

ALMA MATER EUROPAEA has formed a network of academic institutions in Europe, where the following campuses are integrated in this Alliance:

  1. Austria: Alma Mater Europaea – Salzburg Campus
  2. Austria: Fachhochschule Salzburg – University of Applied Sciences
  3. Austria: Vienna – Interreligious Competence: Master
  4. Germany: Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture
  5. Germany: Center for Applied Policy Research – Munich (CAP)
  6. Germany: Deggendorf Institute of Technology
  7. Italy: International School on Safety and Environmental Protection (I.S.S.E.P.)
  8. Slovenia: Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor
  9. Kosovo – College of Medical Sciences Rezonanca (with the new name “Alma Mater Europaea Campus College Rezonanca”).

The address of the AMEU website is


The State Quality Council in its 78th meeting, held on September 27, 2019, has approved the change of the name of the College of Medical Sciences “Rezonance” to “Alma Mater Europaea Campus College Rezonanca”.

With decision no. 302/21, dt. 14.05.2021, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innivation (MESTI), through the Commission for review of complaints, approves the change of the name of the College in “Alma Mater Europaea Campus College Rezonanca”.

Both businesses: Rezonanca College and Polyclinic Rezonanca now operate with the same business certificate as “Alma Mater Europaea Campus College Rezonanca”.

Alma Mater Europaea Camups College “Rezonanca”  is a private higher education institution and is located at str. Gllogu te Shelgjet, Caglavica, Pristina. Tel. 038-544-754, E-mail: Web-page:

Alma Mater Europaea Campus College “Rezonanca” offers studies at the Bachelor level, in three-year programs (180 ECTS): BSc Biochemistry Laboratory, BSc Community Pharmacy, BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Nursing, BSc Midwife, BSc Diagnostic Radiology, integrated Dentistry study program (300 ECTS, Dr.stom.), BSc Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist, BSc Public and Environmental Health and two second cycle Master programs (120 ECTS): MSc Pharmacy and MSc Health Management.

Alma Mater Europaea Campus College “Rezonanca” is structured in accordance with the administrative structure defined for private university colleges within the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Kosovo no. 04 / L-037, article 10, article 3.