Catalog of Publications

1. “Basics of Occupational Therapy” by Prof. dr. Xhevat Shkodra. (AD.415-2/18, date 15.03.2018)
2. “Emergency medical aid and medical care in special circumstances – Pre-hospital medical emergencies” by Prof. ass. Basri Lenjani (AD.2829-2/18, date 16.05.2018)
3. “Geriatrics” by Prof. ass. Fitim Skeraj (AD.6782-2/18, date 12.12.2018)
4. “Dental Medical Emergencies” by Prof. assoc. Basri Lenjani, with a group of authors (AD.1080-2/19, date 06.03.2019)
5. “Rheumatology” by Prof. ass. Ismet Bajraktari (AD.1243-1/19, date 13.03.2019)
6. “Dental care of children with diabetes” by Prof. ass. Lulëjeta Ferizi-Shabani (AD.94/21, date 12.01.2021)
7. “First aid”, by Lect. Isuf Bajrami (AD.4913-1/21, date 14.09.2021)