Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee – which has overall responsibility for the ethical review and approval of research and its activity within the College.
With the rector’s proposal, the Governing Council of the College has established the Ethics Committee, which has 9 (nine) members from among the College’s lecturers, 1 (one) member from the College’s administrative staff and one student:
– Assoc. Prof. Murat Berisha – Chairman
– Assoc. Prof. Nderim Kryeziu – Member from the Faculty of Pharmacy
– Assoc. Prof. Dashnor Bukleta – Member from the Faculty of Dentistry
– Assoc. Prof. Arlinda Jakupi – Member from the Department of Laboratory Biochemistry
– Lec. Hasan Gashi – Member from the Department of Nursing and Midwifery
– Assoc. Prof. Vildana Goga – Member from the Department of Diagnostic Radiology
– Assoc. Prof. Zheraldin Durguti – Member from the Department of Physiotherapy
– Prof. assoc. Ramadan Halimi – Member from the Health Management Department
– Prof. dr. Naser Ramadani – Member from the Department of Public Health and Environment
– Arsim Rizanaj – Member from the College Administration
– Artan Sylani – Student.
The student representative participates in the sessions when the subject of the discussions are the students. The term of the Ethics Committee is 4 years.
The Ethics Committee is responsible for promoting ethical principles in the College, thus it monitors the implementation of these principles, determines whether allegations of unethical behavior should be processed further, and gives opinions on employee and student complaints. The Ethics Committee acts in accordance with the Ethics Code, which defines the structure and activities of the Committee and the procedures that should be followed. The Ethics Committee is responsible for the initiation of disciplinary procedures that will accompany this Code of Ethics, including the right to organize hearing sessions for any person accused of violating this Code. The Ethics Committee is also responsible for approving scientific research proposals. The Ethics Committee prepares an annual report on its activities in the previous academic year, which it submits to the Governing Council of the College.
The Ethics Committee, in exercising its powers, performed the following tasks:
– Has examined three (3) cases addressed to this body regarding the permission to carry out the experimental part within the research project of doctoral studies from other institutions outside Kosovo;
– reviewed the Code of ethics;
– has approved the research topics of bachelor’s and master’s students; and has
– examined five (5) alleged cases of non-compliance with the requirements of morality and ethics in the performance of the duties of individuals-students (Work Report of the Ethics Committee for the years 2019-2021).