Research Focus

List of Areas of Research Interest*

– Research in the field of oral health in Kosovo
– Research related to environmental pollution
– Research in the fields of radiological diagnostics
– Research in the field of radiotherapeutic treatment of tumors
– Research in the field of the phenomenon of tobacco abuse in Kosovo
– Researches of pharmacoeconomic analysis of drugs
– Researches in the field of organic chemistry
– Research in the field of nursing
– Research in the field of sanitary control of food
– Research from the fields of laboratory diagnostics

The fields of research interest have been determined thanks to these general criteria: the need for development of a special field of public and state interest; stagnation in the development of that scientific field in general in Kosovo; priorities for investments by local and international institutions in research fields; postgraduate study programs in the institution for the systematic education of the new generation of scientific workers and researchers, as a link between research and scientific work with higher postgraduate education; opportunities for cooperation with other local and international institutions; sufficient infrastructural and human resources.