Our vision for the development of higher education in the field of medical sciences within our institution is:

  • Achieving the standards of medical education and research in the field of medicine in Kosovo according to European standards of higher education;
  • Achieving the rating as an academic institution, with which achieved reputation as an institution of higher education will become attractive to other students from the region.

In line with and in support of the College’s Mission, we have defined as the main medium-term and long-term these institutional objectives:

  • Establishment of a respective higher education institution, which ensures that education and qualification in the field of medicine are in line with European Union Standards.
  • Enriching the current education system, expanding the capacities of higher education and raising the quality of higher education in medical sciences.
  • Establishing competition in the Kosovo market for higher education in medical fields.
  • Setting standards and creating mechanisms for improving and advancing the quality of medical education, which will be applied by the institution.
  • Supporting academic staff for professional, academic and scientific development.
  • Creating conditions for Long Life Learning.
  • Work according to European standards;
  • Full integration in the European Higher Education Area (ie according to the Bologna Declaration, Lisbon Convention on Academic Recognition) and in the European Research Area as well as to take the appropriate reform steps necessary to achieve this objective;
  • To be a leading center for the advancement of knowledge, thinking and education in the region;
  • To assist in the process of building civic democracy;
  • Aim to establish and support high standards for teaching and research;
  • To use its resources in the most efficient way;
  • Participate fully in the regional and international community in the field of higher education, research and health.