The College has a Mission Statement defined in the College Statute, article 4, which includes three main pillars: teaching, research and community services.

This statement of the College Mission was revised during 2021, and after the consultation process with all stakeholders, was supplemented and amended to the current version, presented below.

The Mission of College:

  • Development and implementation of new concepts of 21st century medical education in Kosovo.
  • Offering, promoting and developing quality study programs of all three study cycles, according to international standards, in accordance with the needs of society.
  • Commitment to the development and implementation of a formal and integrated Quality Assurance Management System in all College processes.
  • Conducting and promoting research in the fields of medicine, through the increase of general capacities for research work in higher education,
  • Creation of institutional infrastructure and increase of intellectual capacities for academic and research work.
  • Enriching the health system in the community with quality services, especially the deficient medical services in Kosovo for the current period.
  • Providing services to the community, through the promotion of health and health education of the general population.