The Rector’s office consists of:


Vice Rectors (3)

Deans (3)

Support staff:

  • Public Communication Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Driver

The duties and responsibilities of the Rector, Vice Rectors and Deans are determined by the Statute of the College as well as by other legislation in force.

Administrative Assistant in the Rector’s Office

– Coordinates the work in the office of the President/Manager/Rector
– Records meetings, phone calls, keeps the phone directory of the College staff
– Makes sure that phones are used only for official purposes
– Participates in the preparation of meetings, conferences, including hotel arrangements and registers College visitors
– Welcomes visitors and interlocutors on the phone, forwards messages from the management and to the management.
– As needed, participates in translations from Albanian to English and vice versa.
– Processes texts, memos, documents and other forms for college management needs on the personal computer.
– Prints letters, reports, documentation sent by other institutions.
– Forwards the College documents for signature and keeps the sent documents.
– Informs the academic staff about the meetings that are held in the College, about the lesson’s and exam schedules.
– Performs other tasks within the scope of this workplace, as assigned by the manager.


– Provides maintenance for the College cars
– Drives the College staff
– Performs driving duties for the Rector and other supervisors
– Performs other tasks assigned by the supervisor.