Human Resources Office

Human Resources Office (HRO) – serves faculty and staff in the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive system including personnel, training and labor relations. Through consultation and information dissemination, HRO assists the College in foreseeing  and meeting the human resources demands of a changing educational environment.

The Human Resources Office consists of:

  • The Head – Prof.asoc. Naim Fanaj
  • ass. Skender Zatriqi – member
  • Janina Gafuri – member,
  • HRO Senior Officer – Ajna Ismaili.

The mandate of HRO members is five years, with the possibility of re-election.

The purpose of HRO is to supply the College with adequate human resources, in accordance to the laws, Statute, regulations and procedures in force. In this framework, the leadership and management of the recruitment process of the administrative staff and the selection of academic staff in scientific teaching titles are included.

Duties and responsibilities of HRO:

– Performs general administration and management of HRO and ensures that tasks are performed effectively;
– Contributes to the increase of the personnel performance, through motivation and development of training plans;
–  Coordinates activities with the administrator for development and training related to staff development;
– Manages and maintains information about the human resources of the College, assists internal management and organization, provides administrative and logistical support;
– Ensures implementation of procedures for the recruitment of college personnel;
– Supervises, processes and supports the academic staff during the selection process in scientific teaching titles (based on the Regulation for title appointments)
– Prepares employment contracts for regular and part-time academic staff, as well as for non-academic staff;
– Prepares information, analyzes and drafts  various statistical reports related to the College’s personnel;
– Updates data on the academic staff of the College;
– forwards completed CVs of the academic staff to the College’s Computer Center for publication on the website;
– Compiles information and cooperates with the Faculties regarding publication and implementation of competitions for the selection of the academic staff
– Prepares and updates job descriptions
– Processes staff complaints (based on the Complaints Procedure)
– Manages the protection and processing of personal data according to the legislation in force;
– Manages the archiving system and internal documents of the College related to personnel;
– Issues certificates and other documents related to the status of personnel;
– Performs other tasks as needed, by the decision of the College bodies.

The Human Resources Office consists of the HR Officer.

HR officer reports to the Rector and Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs.