College publications are governed by the College Regulation on Publications.

This Regulation defines the conditions and procedure for publishing, republishing and translating of basic texts, other texts, practicums, summaries of task and other special publications (monographs and periodicals) of a professional, scientific and informative nature.
Publications are published based on the publishing plan.
The publishing plan is approved by the Publishing Council of the College for each academic year, according to the proposals of academic units and organizational units.
The publishing plan is proposed by the academic units, and it is valid for the following calendar year.

In the publications of basic texts, other texts, practicums, summaries of tasks, material of a teaching subject, respectively of a certain field, is included.

Publications must contain professional and scientific achievements, in accordance with contemporary methodological and pedagogical requirements.

The authors of the texts can be the full-time teachers of the College. In special cases, authors/co-authors may also be retired staff of the College.