Quality control and assessment procedures are carried out by the Quality Assurance Office, established within the College, and are conducted in accordance with international assessment standards. Quality Assurance Office consists of a group of academic staff, appointed by the Rector and approved by the Steering Committee.

QAO consists of 14 (fourteen) members:

  • The Director of QAO – Prof. Assoc. Basri Lenjani

Academic staff members: Prof.ass. Murat Berisha

  • ass. Imer Sadriu
  • ass. Jeta Kelmendi
  • Antigona Sadikaj
  • Jetmir Sejdiu
  • Ardian Ukmata

Senior officers of OQA:

  • Jahir Gashi,
  • Nora Brajshori,
  • Marigona Shala,
  • Vanesa Kabashi
  • Student representatives: three (3) student representatives


The duties of the Quality Assurance Office are:

  • Administering evaluation processes according to the plan, in accordance with the Quality Assurance Framework Policy of the College.
  • Carrying out operational processes for the realization of quality assessment activities in the College
  • Processing information gathered during the data collection phase
  • Collecting necessary reference material for internal evaluation of the College’s special activities
  • Managing the process of distribution and publication of evaluation activity reports
  • Establishing working groups according to the recommendations of the College Committee for Quality Assurance in order carry out evaluation activities as needed.

More specific tasks of the OQA are:

  • Increasing awareness activities within the institution regarding the importance of quality assurance;
  • Coordinating with other College staff members the implementation of the strategic plan;
  • Drafting documents and other guidelines necessary for quality assurance;
  • Actively contributing to the College in the performance of activities related to the quality assurance;
  • Drafting internal self-assessment reports;
  • Collecting and filing necessary documents as required by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), and maintaining regular correspondence with the KAA;
  • Drafting the strategic plan for quality improvement according to the recommendations of international experts, and also submitting it to KAA;
  • Actively participating in the general evaluation of activities in the College, including the academic, administrative staff and infrastructure, etc.
  • Organizing the process of institutional accreditation and assisting in the process of accreditation of study programs;
  • Organizing, administering and controlling the evaluation process of the academic and administrative staff, the student services and infrastructure processes, etc.;
  • Managing the process of distribution and publication of evaluation activity reports;
  • Providing operational assistance to the Quality Assurance Committee;
  • Leading working groups, according to the proposal of the Quality Assurance Committee at the College level and with the Rector’s approval, in carrying out evaluation activities as needed;
  • Ensuring that the rectorate, academic and organizational units and governing bodies of the College implement the dynamics of the action plans for the implementation of the accreditation standards and recommendations of the KAA, and prepares quarterly reports on the progress of the implementation of the recommendations and standards, and notifies the Rector of the same;
  • The Coordinator of the Office for Quality Assurance in the College reports biannually to the Senate on quality assurance within the College;
  • Leads institutional and study programs accreditation and reaccreditation processes, and also maintains regular communication with KAA and other relevant institutions inside and outside the country.
  • The office for quality assurance is supported by administrative and academic officers in drafting the necessary analyzes for this office.
  • Maintains staff evaluation processes based on the evaluation procedure.


The Senior Administrative Officers of QAO are:

  • Jahir Gashi,
  • Nora Brajshori,
  • Marigona Shala dhe
  • Vanesa Kabashi.

Senior Officers of QAO report to the Rector and Vice-Rector for External Relations, Development and Quality Assurance.