Finance and Accounting Office – supervises and manages the budgeting and accounting functions of the College.

The duties of the Finance and Accounting Office are:

– Completes all the budget, cash register and other material, financial documents and according to the chronology and accounting practices files them in the relevant folder
– Ensures that the documentation is kept as provided by the law on the management of public finances.
– Applies and works on the detailed procedures for the criteria of the budgeting process
– Drafts the procedures for the development of the material and financial documentation.
– Reconciles bank, cash and other accounts related to any discrepancy and notifies superiors to take necessary procedures.
– Processes standard accounting codes and adapts them to own needs.
– Reconciles all accounts and discrepancies.
– Prepares periodic and annual reports related to the financial performance.
– Assists professional associates in performing tasks.
– Follows legal provisions from the field of accounting and finance.
– Performs other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

The Finance and Accounting Office consists of: Finance Officer, Accounting Officer, Payment Officers.

The officers of the Finance and Accounting Office report to the President and Rector of the College.