BSc Community Pharmacy

BSc Community Pharmacy (180 ECTS)

Expected learning outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theory in relation to the areas mentioned above;

The ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice to meet the needs of patients and other health professionals;

To develop the plan and strategy and to solve various problems;

Evaluate, interpret and synthesize pharmaceutical information and databases;

To present pharmaceutical scientific material and argue in a clear and correct way, in writing and orally, in different audiences;

Calculate drug doses and determine dosing regimens;

Interpret clinical data of patients;

Interpret drug descriptions;

Safely handle chemical and pharmaceutical materials;

Assess the risk related to pharmaceutical procedures and practices;

Have the required skills related to standard pharmaceutical laboratory procedures;

To plan, design and implement self-directed and original research from the phase of defining the problem, evaluating the results;

To work with standard pharmaceutical instruments;

Critically evaluate and interpret the data obtained from laboratory and clinical observations, in terms of their significance;

Preparation of medicines in a magisterial manner, including sterile products;

Skills for conducting drug analysis;

Skills to instruct patients and others regarding the safe and effective use of medications;


Professional attitudes and values

They accept commitments for supporting the standards required by medicine, respecting the sick and maintaining the patient’s secrecy (confidentiality);

Practice personal honesty and fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities in the context of providing care to individuals, to population groups and to the population as a whole;

Maintain habits of reflective practice, self-directed learning and continuing professional education, along with a willingness to accept their limitations and ask for help when they need it.


The program is in line with Directive 2005/36/EC and Directive 2013/55/EU of the European Committee for Medical Professionals. As such, the program is comparable to the programs of the countries of the European Union. The program is designed in accordance with the first cycle of the Bologna Process of higher professional education, according to level 6 NQF / EQF.

The intended learning outcomes clearly reflect the competencies required for employment, continuing education or other individual/societal needs.

The College produces professional pharmacists competitive for national and international job markets.

The Faculty guarantees the availability of the necessary teaching, administrative and technical personnel to fulfill the goals and requirements of the study programs.