RESEARCH PROGRAMS from the areas of research interest

The areas of research interest have been defined based on the following general criteria:

  • the need for development of a special field of public and state interest;
  • stagnation in the development of that scientific field in general in Kosovo;
  • priorities for investments by local and international institutions in research fields;
  • postgraduate study programs in the institution for the systematic education of the new generation of scientific workers and researchers, as a link between research and scientific work with higher postgraduate education;
  • opportunities for cooperation with other local and international institutions;
  • assessment of infrastructural and human resources.
  • recommendations of international experts related to research projects during the external evaluation of the College.

The research programs planned for 2022-2024 are focused on the following basic research fields: dentistry, public health, pharmacoepidemiology, radiology, psychiatry and physiotherapy.

The scientific projects approved for the years 2022-2024 are:


Project title

Scientific research

Project holders:

Project leader and research team

Period of realization

Funding sources


Assessment of oral health in Kosovo


Project leader: Veton Hoxha


The research team:

1. Prof.ass.Lulëjeta Ferisi-Shabani – Pedodonci&Stom.Preventive

2. Prof.ass.Granita Muhaxheri –Periodontologji

3. Prof.ass.Shefqet Mrasori – Endodonci

4. Prof.ass.Jeta Kelmendi-Ortodonci


AMECC “Rezonanca”



Analysis and control of smoking in Kosovo:

MPOWER matjeve sipas WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC

Shëndet Publik

Project leader::

Prof.ass. Gazmend Zhuri


Ekipi hulumtues:

1. Prof.asoc.Agim Krasniqi – Kardiolog

2. Prof.asoc. Milazim Gjocaj – Shëndet Publik

3. Prof.ass.Valdet Hashani – Mjekësi Familjare

4. Ligj. Ilir Kurtishi – Onkolog


AMECC “Rezonanca”



Utilization of drugs in the clinics of the QKUK


Udhëheqës i projektit:

Prof.ass. Ermira Krasniqi


The research team:

1. Prof.asoc.Besim Memedi-Farmakologji

2. Prof.ass. Selvete Shuleta – Farmakovigjilencë

3. Prof.ass.Nderim Kryeziu – Farmaci

4. Ass. Ardian Rugova – Farmaci


AMECC “Rezonanca”



The role of PET/CT in diagnosing tumor metastases and evaluating the efficacy of chemotherapy

Diagnostic Radiology

Project leader:

Prof.ass. Vildane Goga


The research team:

1. Prof.asoc.Serbeze Kabashi – Radiologe

2. Ligj. Lavdim Ymeri – Radiolog

3. Prof.asoc. Serbeze Kabashi – Radiolog

4. Ass. Doriana Berberi – Onkologe


AMECC “Rezonanca”



Assessment of patient treatment and organization of nursing care in Mental Care Centers in Kosovo




The research team:

Prof.asoc. Naim Fanaj


Ekipi hulumtues:

1. Prof.asoc.Ramadan Halimi – Psikiatër

2. Ligj. Hasan Gashi – Infermieri

3. Prof.ass. Gani Shabani – Psikiatër

4. Ligj. Korab Ukella – Farmaci


AMECC “Rezonanca”



Effectiveness of Kinesio-taping methods for the management of back and knee pain


Udhëheqës i projektit:

Prof.asoc. Zheralldin Durguti

Prof.dr. Kenzo Case


The research team:

1. Prof.asoc.Bekim Haxhiu – Fizioterapeut

2. Ligj. Feim Gashi – Fizioterapeut

3. Ligj. Visar Memaj – Fizioterapeut

4. Ligj. Blerton Hulaj – Fizioterapeut


AMECC “Rezonanca”