Student Career and Alumni Support Office

Student Career and Alumni Support Office – provides academic advising, career planning and employment counseling.


The CMSR Alumni Association aims to serve the College, graduates (alumni of the College), other students and friends of the College. The mission of the Association is to strengthen and develop CMSR by providing assistance in the process of recruiting new students, engaging in activities to increase the reputation of the College in the country and abroad, as well as through the promotion of the positive image of the College and alumni.


The Career Development Center aims to help College students related to employment, assist students gain work experience during their studies, provide information about labor market and offer advice and information to graduates about studies at the College

In order to achieve these goals, the Career Development Center will:
1. Promote mutual relations between alumni, students, staff and friends of the College;
2. Promote relations between the College and its alumni;
3. Develop cooperation with alumni and other organizations
4. Organize social-educational programs, charity programs and other service programs;
5. Mediate between students, faculties and companies with the aim to strengthen cooperation and raise the level of students’ preparation for the labor market;
6. Develop students’ and graduates’ skills for the employment process;
7. Provide electronic services for education, counseling, development and career guidance.
8. Provide information on the possibilities of further postgraduate education, the possibilities of practical work and other activities;
9. Provide advice and guidance on the process of selecting career development opportunities;
10. Cooperate with the faculties of the College for the professional development of students and their careers;
11. Provide services to companies for presenting their job offers to graduates.

Alumni Board

Alumni of the College have the Alumni Board, which is the main body of the CMSR Alumni Association. The Alumni Board is responsible for establishing alumni policies, for the approval and implementation of the association’s annual plan, the preparation of informants, the organization of various educational, social and community activities. The Alumni Board consists of the Leader, one CMRS alumni member and one administrative officer.

The Alumni Office is located in the College campus and serves for alumni affairs, as the main contact for all CMSR graduates.

Alumni members and their registration
Members of the Alumni can be all students that graduate at CMSR, the administrative and academic staff of the College.
Alumni membership in is done by filling out the Membership Form, which can be found in the Alumni office, or by sending your personal data to the official e-mail of the College.


Involvement in the Alumni Association?  
One way to get involved in the Alumni Association is to participate in our events.

The College has established and operationalized the Student, Career and Alumni Support Office. This office will follow the professional development and career of every graduate who leaves the College’s auditoriums.

College students will continue to be an active part of the College Alumni, receiving advice and technical assistance, attending various courses, utilizing the College’s partnerships inside the country and abroad.

The college will continue to establish collaborations with various local and international institutions for employment, in terms of the assistance that we offer to these employing institutions in the recruitment of potential candidates.