Rector's introductory statement

By licensing private educational institutions, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo enabled the enrichment of the current education system of various fields, including medical sciences. Thus, the Ministry introduced completely new concepts of the 21st century medical education. As a higher education institution we will make every effort to achieve the necessary reputation through cooperation with the relevant national and international institutions and will continue to offer, promote and develop qualitative programs and services, according to international standards.

In a period of only five years of its activity, our institution has proven itself as an important center of medical education in Kosovo. Activities in our Institution include educational activities at the level of medical professions, such as: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and diagnostic radiology. We are proud of the fact that we implement reformed medical programs and tailored to suit the needs of medical care and the best professional development. The programs we implement contain the core of basic disciplines, with components of personal and professional development, aiming to enhance certain skills, such as communication and scientific methods. Professional qualification in the medical field represents the direct proof for a successful completion of the study program that enables qualification for the usage of professional title and independent practice of the appropriate medical profession. As a private higher education institution, we would like to confirm with competence that graduated students are able to perform their activities according to the highest standards of professional medical practice approved at national and international level.

Upon graduation, candidates gain full professional autonomy under which they should: understand the legal responsibilities and ethical considerations of professional practice; they should be able to effectively operate in the inter-professional approaches of the health system; they should reflect good professional practice; demonstrate high level of communication skills and play an active role in health education and promotion of health programs. For this reason, through developed academic mechanisms, we try to realize a proven opportunity for the quality control of young graduates according to the academic standards of developed countries. In order to advance the superior education towards institutional development projections, we have designed this development strategy, which aims to meet the strategic objectives for the five-year period. Certain elements of this strategy are the result of the self-assessment activity of the institution regarding the fulfillment of basic and quality development standards according to the core areas of activity. The preparation of this document has been done thanks to teamwork, following an extensive and comprehensive process of the consultation.

Acad. Proff. Dr. Arian IDRIZAJ MD.

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